Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The tenth circle week 3 post 1

coxcomb:A vain, showy fellow(118)
calumny: False accusation of a crime or offense, intended to injure anothers reputation.(133)

Figurative language
-When Mike goes to the hospital to interview the doctor who examined Trixie he immediately is reminded of the last time he was in the hospital, to identify his daughters dead body.(141) This a flashback because he recalls a moment in the past, due to something he sees in the present.
-"She was immobile."(144) This is an example of a metaphor, Laura sees that Trixie has attempted suicide of some sort and is shocked, but she can move if she wants.
-"The walls of the room were covered in blood; streaks, puddles, splotches as Laura ran into the bathroom."(148)

"Trixie began running as far as she could from the school. She stopped at the bridge where a few days ago Zephyr had told Trixie how to win Jason back, an event in her old life."(137)
This shows you how Trixie is deeply effected by what is going on in her life. She has realized that she is a completely changed person and will never be what she once was, no matter how hard she tries.
A new theme occurring in the book is that kids can be unbelievable mean. Towards the end of this section a naked picture of Trixie is placed on every computer screen in the school as well as sent out to many e-mail address' and cell phones, this was obviously done by a student. The book continues to tell horrifying stories about how Trixie is torched by her once friends.

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