Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Tenth Circle week #4 B.

Dear Laura (protagonists mother),
I am wondering how you have managed to make such a large change in your life so quickly? As you say in the book ,"You have entered every stage of hell."(199) Meaning that you have done almost every sinful act in the book. But somehow you have recently stopped cheating on your husband, stopped abandoning your loved ones, as well as stopped lying. Was Trixie's raping the main influence on your decision to change?
Another question I have for you is why are you so obsessed with The Inferno? I understand that you teach a class on it but it seams like you talk about the book all the time. Even when you play with Trixie in the snow you bring up how this is similar to Dante's seventh stage in hell. Don't you ever get tired of interpreting the same text over and over again? Were any of the punishments Dante received motivation for you to change you life style?
My last question is why Daniel Stone? From how the book talks about him it seams as though he has every quality a girl would want in an ex-boyfriend, not a husband. This is just proven by the fact that you didn't want to tell him you were pregnant. Do you ever regret marrying Daniel? Or do you ever regret making him change who he was just to be with you? I have always heard marriage is all about compromise, what did you compromise?
Sheri Hickey

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