Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Tenth Circle post # 5 B

Analyzing Jasons Death

I believe that Laura murderded Jason. She had both motive and doesn't have an alliby as far as the reader knows. I also think that Laura murdered Jason because of the quote on page 204," The only thing Laura hadn't done was kill someone." I believe that this is an example of forshadowing.

I assume that the night Laura killed Jason it went something like this...She came home to wait and see if Trixie would come home after she had run away from seeing her dad fight with Jason. I think Laura's nerves got the best of her and she wanted to go and find Trixie instead of waiting and home so she went for a drive. When she saw Jason. Jason was already intoxicated so I assume that when she attempted to talk to him and he most likely did not reply in the most literate of ways she got angry. Before she new it her anger turned into rage and she pushed Jason off of the bridge. This theory is supported by the fact Detective Bartholemew found female blood near the victim. It wasn't Trixies because the book already said she went to the bank. Therefore meaning that Laura killed Jason.

The Tenth Circle post # 5 a

nonbarbiturate (194):not derived from barbituric acid
Luge (197):a one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing down a chute, used esp. in Europe.

Figurative Language
"Every now and then, he still woke up with the one thought caught like cotton on the roof of his mouth." (210) This is a simile because it is comparing the cotton as something that bothers a person, with the thought in his mind.

"But for Daniel it felt like shrugging on an old, soft suede coat that had been buried so deep in his closet he was certain it had long ago been given away to someone else who needed the cover." (211) This is an example of a simile as well as description because it uses the word like and a lot of adjectives.

"She was a lost girl with no way home." (215) This is a metaphor for how Trixie feels after hearing of Jason's death.

"It's how I run away." (246)
This quote signifies that Trixie is having severe problems with her cutting. When her father finds the other cuts on her wrist she tell him the quote above.

A new emerging theme in the book is what goes around comes around.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Tenth Circle week #4 B.

Dear Laura (protagonists mother),
I am wondering how you have managed to make such a large change in your life so quickly? As you say in the book ,"You have entered every stage of hell."(199) Meaning that you have done almost every sinful act in the book. But somehow you have recently stopped cheating on your husband, stopped abandoning your loved ones, as well as stopped lying. Was Trixie's raping the main influence on your decision to change?
Another question I have for you is why are you so obsessed with The Inferno? I understand that you teach a class on it but it seams like you talk about the book all the time. Even when you play with Trixie in the snow you bring up how this is similar to Dante's seventh stage in hell. Don't you ever get tired of interpreting the same text over and over again? Were any of the punishments Dante received motivation for you to change you life style?
My last question is why Daniel Stone? From how the book talks about him it seams as though he has every quality a girl would want in an ex-boyfriend, not a husband. This is just proven by the fact that you didn't want to tell him you were pregnant. Do you ever regret marrying Daniel? Or do you ever regret making him change who he was just to be with you? I have always heard marriage is all about compromise, what did you compromise?
Sheri Hickey

The Tenth Circle post #4 a

anapest(205):a foot of three syllables, two short followed by one long in quantitative meter, and two unstressed followed by one stressed in accentual meter, as in for the nonce.
canzone(205):a variety of lyric poetry in the Italian style, of Provencal origin, that closely resembles the madrigal.
Figurative Language
"Or the ice storm that made the needles on the pines look like they were out of crystal."(196) This is an example of figurative language because like is used to compare the the needles on the pine trees to crystal.
"Or the kind of snow that landed like goose down, during mud season." (196) This is an example of a simile because the word like is used to compare how snow falls to how goose down falls.
"She started to role across the lawn, like a bandage." (197) This is a simile because the word like compares how she rolled across the snow to a bandage.
"Her eyes widened, hopeful and then dimmed with disappointment as she realized that in spite of her best intentions she was still there." (168)
This quote is significant because it refers to the most important event in the book so far, next to the raping, Trixie attempted suicide and lived through it.
Emerging theme
A new emerging theme would be that teenagers are ignorant. Examples of this are when Jason goes to his hockey game drunk, Trixie attempts suicide, and when Jason approaches Trixie in the grocery store parking lot even though he could go to Juvenile Hall for it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The tenth circle week 3 post#2

As a teenager I find this book difficult to read. I have no way of relating what Trixie, the main character, has been through(rape) to myself but I can relate to how mean kids can be. I find myself having difficulty getting through some sections of the book, like when Trixie's nude photo is put on every computer screen in the school. I can't believe someone would do this, but then when you think about it there are kids going into schools and killing people for this kind of thing. It must be going on in real life as well. So as far fetched as it seams, it's really quite realistic.
I also can relate to Trixie in feeling that ones social life is very important. Although it seams that Trixie is a bit more obsessed with her social status I understand where she is coming from. Its so easy for a teenager to get so rapped up in the social scene that they can't think of anything else. You can get self absorbed and completely forget about that test you have in Math on Monday because you have to go to this big party.
But I think the one thing Trixie and I do not have in common is our quality of Friends. I know for a fact this could not happen to me because i surround myself with people i can trust. Where as Trixie basically discards all of her close friends who are girls just because she is now dating Jason. And the one friend she did have, turned out to be the worst friend of all. If Trixie had focused more on friendships than her and Jason's relationships I think it would be much easier for her to face what happened.

The tenth circle week 3 post 1

coxcomb:A vain, showy fellow(118)
calumny: False accusation of a crime or offense, intended to injure anothers reputation.(133)

Figurative language
-When Mike goes to the hospital to interview the doctor who examined Trixie he immediately is reminded of the last time he was in the hospital, to identify his daughters dead body.(141) This a flashback because he recalls a moment in the past, due to something he sees in the present.
-"She was immobile."(144) This is an example of a metaphor, Laura sees that Trixie has attempted suicide of some sort and is shocked, but she can move if she wants.
-"The walls of the room were covered in blood; streaks, puddles, splotches as Laura ran into the bathroom."(148)

"Trixie began running as far as she could from the school. She stopped at the bridge where a few days ago Zephyr had told Trixie how to win Jason back, an event in her old life."(137)
This shows you how Trixie is deeply effected by what is going on in her life. She has realized that she is a completely changed person and will never be what she once was, no matter how hard she tries.
A new theme occurring in the book is that kids can be unbelievable mean. Towards the end of this section a naked picture of Trixie is placed on every computer screen in the school as well as sent out to many e-mail address' and cell phones, this was obviously done by a student. The book continues to tell horrifying stories about how Trixie is torched by her once friends.