Thursday, November 29, 2007

hornet league debate

Debate #1: A childs curfew
a. Mainly at the house of the child.
b. The debate ensures that both parties compromise on the child's curfew.
c. Most of the time the outcome is a compromise between both parties, making both parties happy.
d. The debate is unstructured
e. The debate brings attention to the parents that the child is unhappy with their curfew.
f. The parents take into consideration what time the child would like to be home at so that both parties are happy.
Debate #2: A woman's right to abortion
a. Mainly between political figures in government facilities.
b. The debate ensures that every ones different opinions are taken into account to make the decision.
c.Yes, if there was no debating of the issue then its possible that no one would agree with the outcome.
d.Majority of the debates are some what structured, but are not in a formal debate setting.
e. The debate ensures that the decision made is what the majority party wants.
Debate #3 Using electronics while driving.
a. Normally in government offices or in social conversations between people.
b. The debate ensures that people are safe when driving.
c. No, i would say that statistics are more of a deciding factor than debating.
d. These debates are never in a formal setting but are either in government settings or just in social conversation.
e. I think the debate changes the severity of the decision but when it comes to does it cause an unsafe situation that based on mainly facts.
Debate #4 should fast food restaurants be held accountable for making people overweight?
a. The debates are always in social settings, like in the movie, Super Size Me.
b.The debate attempts to pin point the largest cause of obesity.
c. I think this debate just cause a lot of discussion but it doesn't really force anything to happen to the restaurants.
d. The debates are unstructured
e. There really is no decision being made so the debate really doesn't do anything.
Debate #5 Do movie ratings really prevent children from being exposed to things at too young of an age?
a. These debates occur whenever people talk about censorship.
b. The debate ensures that children are not exposed to crude material too early.
c. Yes, this is an issue that is decided on debate only. Is it socially acceptable for a child to watch people doing drugs on TV?
d. The debate is unstructured.
e. This allows the decision to be a happy medium, not to severe and not too loose.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tenth Circle post #2 part B

Analyzing Trixie before and After the rape
Before the rape Trixie was a fun and social girl. She hung out with friends a lot, had a lot of friends, and was dating one of the most popular boys in school. "And then there was the lunch table were Trixie once belonged- the one with the popular kids."(117) Trixie was a popular girl.
Trixie and Jason then break up. Although Trixie is very sad she still has her good friend Zephyr on her side, as well as Jason's friends who directly tell Trixie that they are on her side.
Trixie now can barely look anyone in the eye. The police detective says,"Trixie please speak up, and look at me when giving your statement."(84) This shows you Trixie has lost a lot of her social skills and confidence due to the raping. Trixie also mentions that her best friend Zephyr did not call her once after people found out about the rape, a time period of over a month. Trixie also refuses to go to school for about three weeks, because she is afraid of how people will react to her. And lastly, Trixie decides to cut her hair, this is the only physical change that occurs to Trixie after the rape. This shows the reader she has changed as a person, she is no longer that happy social girl, but a sad lonely no body.

The Tenth circle post #2 part1

Contrition: sincere penitence or remorse
Regressed:To go back; move backward.

Figurative Language
"She got in the shower but could not rinse herself clean. She would be dirty forever."(82)
- This is a metaphor because it says that she would always be dirty. We know that she will not always be physically dirty but we can assume that the statements means she Will feel dirty for the rest of her life.
"He grabbed Laura's upper arms and shook her so hard that her head snapped back and her eyes became wide open with fear."(91)
-this is an example of irony because the beginning of the book talks about how Daniel has become a new man. He was once a very bad person who was always violent, but once he married Laura he claimed to become a new person. Now that Trixie is rapped Daniel rages at Laura and begin to act like he claimed he would never act like again.
"I tried to get away, but he's bigger than I am, and he pushed me down again. It was like a game to him. He held my hands up over my head and he pulled down my pants. I said i wanted him to stop, but he didn't and then he pushed me down hard and raped me."(79)
-This is an example of imagery because it tells the reader a detailed description of how Trixie was raped.

"I want a buzz cut."(100)
-This quote is significant because it's about when Trixie get her hair cut. She decides to drastically shave her head of long hair because of the rape. This signifies that the rape has not only made Trixie out of sorts, but has also made her become a different person.
A new emerging theme in the book if that rape changes your life. Through out this chapter you realize how Trixie is changing because of the rape, even only days after it, like the buzz cut or not hanging out with friends at all. Trixie now completely isolates herself from the social world.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Book aproval

2 quarter reading
The Tenth Circle By: Jodi Picoult
Published in 2006
385 pages
-The book is not only long, but it also uses a wide range of vocabulary. I have read Jodi Picoult books before and they are very appropriate for high school reading.
-I chose this book I have many friends who are huge Jodi Picoult fans. I read one of her books last year but unfortunately didn't like it very much. I want to read this book to see what I missed with the first book I read. Why does everyone love Jodi Picoult so much?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The tenth circle Post #1 part 2

Dear Jodi Picoult,
I read your book, My Sister's Keeper, and I am currently reading The Tenth Circle. I dedicded to read My Sister's Kepper because I heard many good things about it. But after reading it I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I think that they way you told they story really confused the reader as well as distracted from the main plot of the story. I also think that the ending was too predictable. On the other hand I thought the story like was very interesting and unique. How did you come up with it?
After being dissapointed in your first book I thought that I would not read another book you have written. But after hearing more rave reviews of your latest books I decided to give The Tenth Circle a chance. I am only 55 pages into it but I think that what yuo have done with this book is great! You have combined the things I liked with the last book and changed the things I didn't like. The Tenth Circle is emotional and very heart warming. I always have a great idea of what the characters are thinking. I also like how you tell the story from the third person and not from each characters view like in My Sister's Keeper. Overall I can tell I am really going to enjoy this book.
Keep up the good work,
Sheri Hickey

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Tenth Circle post #1

Welt(53):a ridge or wale on the surface of the body, as from a blow of a stick or whip.
Freudian(23):of or pertaining to Sigmund Freud or his doctrines, esp. with respect to the causes and treatment of neurotic and psychopathic states, the interpretation of dreams, etc.
Figurative Language

"her hands were knotted together between them like a heart that had broken it's bounds."(55)This is a simile. I know this because it is comparing two things by using like.
"She was an old pair of shoes, tossed to the side forever."(22)This is a metaphor because it is comparing her to an old pair of shoes, with out using like or as.
"The hardwood floor was cold as ice."(54) This is an example of a simile because the author uses as to compare the floor and ice.

"He raped me."(55) This quote is significant because it begins the plot of the book.
One emerging theme in the book is lying just makes a situation worse.