Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The tenth circle week 3 post#2

As a teenager I find this book difficult to read. I have no way of relating what Trixie, the main character, has been through(rape) to myself but I can relate to how mean kids can be. I find myself having difficulty getting through some sections of the book, like when Trixie's nude photo is put on every computer screen in the school. I can't believe someone would do this, but then when you think about it there are kids going into schools and killing people for this kind of thing. It must be going on in real life as well. So as far fetched as it seams, it's really quite realistic.
I also can relate to Trixie in feeling that ones social life is very important. Although it seams that Trixie is a bit more obsessed with her social status I understand where she is coming from. Its so easy for a teenager to get so rapped up in the social scene that they can't think of anything else. You can get self absorbed and completely forget about that test you have in Math on Monday because you have to go to this big party.
But I think the one thing Trixie and I do not have in common is our quality of Friends. I know for a fact this could not happen to me because i surround myself with people i can trust. Where as Trixie basically discards all of her close friends who are girls just because she is now dating Jason. And the one friend she did have, turned out to be the worst friend of all. If Trixie had focused more on friendships than her and Jason's relationships I think it would be much easier for her to face what happened.

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