Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Tenth Circle post # 5 B

Analyzing Jasons Death

I believe that Laura murderded Jason. She had both motive and doesn't have an alliby as far as the reader knows. I also think that Laura murdered Jason because of the quote on page 204," The only thing Laura hadn't done was kill someone." I believe that this is an example of forshadowing.

I assume that the night Laura killed Jason it went something like this...She came home to wait and see if Trixie would come home after she had run away from seeing her dad fight with Jason. I think Laura's nerves got the best of her and she wanted to go and find Trixie instead of waiting and home so she went for a drive. When she saw Jason. Jason was already intoxicated so I assume that when she attempted to talk to him and he most likely did not reply in the most literate of ways she got angry. Before she new it her anger turned into rage and she pushed Jason off of the bridge. This theory is supported by the fact Detective Bartholemew found female blood near the victim. It wasn't Trixies because the book already said she went to the bank. Therefore meaning that Laura killed Jason.

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