Thursday, November 29, 2007

hornet league debate

Debate #1: A childs curfew
a. Mainly at the house of the child.
b. The debate ensures that both parties compromise on the child's curfew.
c. Most of the time the outcome is a compromise between both parties, making both parties happy.
d. The debate is unstructured
e. The debate brings attention to the parents that the child is unhappy with their curfew.
f. The parents take into consideration what time the child would like to be home at so that both parties are happy.
Debate #2: A woman's right to abortion
a. Mainly between political figures in government facilities.
b. The debate ensures that every ones different opinions are taken into account to make the decision.
c.Yes, if there was no debating of the issue then its possible that no one would agree with the outcome.
d.Majority of the debates are some what structured, but are not in a formal debate setting.
e. The debate ensures that the decision made is what the majority party wants.
Debate #3 Using electronics while driving.
a. Normally in government offices or in social conversations between people.
b. The debate ensures that people are safe when driving.
c. No, i would say that statistics are more of a deciding factor than debating.
d. These debates are never in a formal setting but are either in government settings or just in social conversation.
e. I think the debate changes the severity of the decision but when it comes to does it cause an unsafe situation that based on mainly facts.
Debate #4 should fast food restaurants be held accountable for making people overweight?
a. The debates are always in social settings, like in the movie, Super Size Me.
b.The debate attempts to pin point the largest cause of obesity.
c. I think this debate just cause a lot of discussion but it doesn't really force anything to happen to the restaurants.
d. The debates are unstructured
e. There really is no decision being made so the debate really doesn't do anything.
Debate #5 Do movie ratings really prevent children from being exposed to things at too young of an age?
a. These debates occur whenever people talk about censorship.
b. The debate ensures that children are not exposed to crude material too early.
c. Yes, this is an issue that is decided on debate only. Is it socially acceptable for a child to watch people doing drugs on TV?
d. The debate is unstructured.
e. This allows the decision to be a happy medium, not to severe and not too loose.

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