Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Tenth Circle post # 5 a

nonbarbiturate (194):not derived from barbituric acid
Luge (197):a one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing down a chute, used esp. in Europe.

Figurative Language
"Every now and then, he still woke up with the one thought caught like cotton on the roof of his mouth." (210) This is a simile because it is comparing the cotton as something that bothers a person, with the thought in his mind.

"But for Daniel it felt like shrugging on an old, soft suede coat that had been buried so deep in his closet he was certain it had long ago been given away to someone else who needed the cover." (211) This is an example of a simile as well as description because it uses the word like and a lot of adjectives.

"She was a lost girl with no way home." (215) This is a metaphor for how Trixie feels after hearing of Jason's death.

"It's how I run away." (246)
This quote signifies that Trixie is having severe problems with her cutting. When her father finds the other cuts on her wrist she tell him the quote above.

A new emerging theme in the book is what goes around comes around.

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