Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Tenth Circle post #4 a

anapest(205):a foot of three syllables, two short followed by one long in quantitative meter, and two unstressed followed by one stressed in accentual meter, as in for the nonce.
canzone(205):a variety of lyric poetry in the Italian style, of Provencal origin, that closely resembles the madrigal.
Figurative Language
"Or the ice storm that made the needles on the pines look like they were out of crystal."(196) This is an example of figurative language because like is used to compare the the needles on the pine trees to crystal.
"Or the kind of snow that landed like goose down, during mud season." (196) This is an example of a simile because the word like is used to compare how snow falls to how goose down falls.
"She started to role across the lawn, like a bandage." (197) This is a simile because the word like compares how she rolled across the snow to a bandage.
"Her eyes widened, hopeful and then dimmed with disappointment as she realized that in spite of her best intentions she was still there." (168)
This quote is significant because it refers to the most important event in the book so far, next to the raping, Trixie attempted suicide and lived through it.
Emerging theme
A new emerging theme would be that teenagers are ignorant. Examples of this are when Jason goes to his hockey game drunk, Trixie attempts suicide, and when Jason approaches Trixie in the grocery store parking lot even though he could go to Juvenile Hall for it.

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