Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Tenth Circle Week 6 post A

Treachery (274):violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason
Premeditated (274): done deliberately; planned in advance: a premeditated murder.
Figurative Language
"There were streaks on her forehead and neck, but her hair was now the color of a thicket's thorns , of a rosebush past recovery."(285) This is an example of decription because it uses vivid objects and colors to create a picture in the readers mind.
"Silence was just a quieter way to die."(275) This is an example of figurative language because it is saying that silence kills, when you know it actually can not kill a person, making it a metaphor.
"The snow was as pure as her eyes." (292) This is an example of a simile because it compares the purity of the snow with her eyes.
"Laura I know why she ran away. I was accused of murder when I was eighteen, and I took off too." (281) This quote shows the reader a little more about Daniels mysterious past and helps one to understand how is is able to understand where Trixie is going so well.
A new theme in the book is you can run but you can't hide. This is demonstrated by when A. Trixie runs away, but her family finds out where she is going, and B. That Daniel has finally had to tell his wife about his childhood and troubling past.

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