Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 5 post #2

Alice comes to town for her trial with her dad. When they get to the airport they meet their escort for the weekend, detective John Murphy. Once they get to their hotel they go out to dinner with Gail, Alice's attorney. She tells them what the trial is going to be like, and what Alice should expect.
The following day is Alice's trial. Unfortunately, after Alice arrives they tell her that he father is not allowed in the court while it's in session. Although Alice is upset about this she still has to testify. Her lawyer asks her to re-tell the story of what happened the night of the rape and then shows her pictures of herself the night of the rape. Alice begins to cry hysterically on the stand. Once she is done being questioned by her attorney she get a ten minute break.
Then Alice is questioned by Madison's lawyer. He first tries to wear her out by asking her alot of pointless questions. Then he asks her about her glasses, her testimony she gave the police, her encounter with Madison in October and finaly the lineup. After causing Alice to cry again he finishes questioning her.
In the end the judge says the Madison was guilty on all 6 accounts and is sentenced for a minimum of 8 years.

I personally was very satisfied with the outcome of this section. Had her rapist gone free I probably would have really wanted to stop reading the book.
This section was very realistic. The way Alice describes the courtroom and what happens in the trial is very much how i would have pictured it. I also felt like the chapter may have been a little over dramatized. The trial was one of the most important parts of the book but all of the crying and gasping and twists and turns sidetracked me from the main story. I also thought that the outcome of the rapist being convicted was predictable.
Overall I thought this section was boring. I was not very interested in the trial because it was basically the same thing as the first trial. I am overall loosing a lot of interest in this book. I think that the plot is getting really old and no offense to the author but I'm just getting sick of hearing the story of the rape told over and over again.

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