Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 posting #2

The beginning of the book was very exciting. It really got me interested in the book. Although hearing thing in depth details of her raping was at some points very hard to read through, i think it has really helped me to understand Alice's recovery process much more. I also thought the things that her raper said to her really showed the reader that a person who does this to someone is truly deranged. For example, the rapist is very mean to Alice and has a very stern tone through out the rape, but towards the end Alice is putting her clothes back on and he apologizes to her, but then he follows apologizing with calling her a bitch and asking what she is going to if she has a baby.
I thought the author really rushed through what happened after the rape, meaning going to the police, the hospital etc. I surprisingly liked this because it gave the reader a similar experience to the victim, that after something like that happens everything becomes a blur.
When Alice is finished with the police work she must fill out she call her mom to come and pick her up from school and bring her home. I didn't like this section of the book because it was very awkward. It didn't seam to really flow into the storyline.
Alice then tells the reader a lot of things about her childhood. I thought this part was interesting because it helped to make sense of how Alice reacted to the rape and calling her mother to come pick her up. But i also thought that some of the events were strange and not necessary for the book, this section of the book got a little long.
The next part of the book I read was a section about Alice choosing her college and then moving in. This section showed me that Alice is not a very social person, but tries to be. I get this feeling because her family is like this, which is why she wanted to go to school far away, to reinvent herself. Also the fact that she is unable to find any friends the first few weeks makes me think she is not very outgoing.
The latest section of the book I read would have been much more exciting had it not been spoiled for me while researching the author of the book. I though the section where Alice sees her attacker should have been much more exciting and fast pace. Instead the author kind of jumps around between making new friends and the police trying to find Alice's attacker.
Overall the book is o.k. I'm not dying to read it when i come home but when i do read it holds my attention mostly. I wish the raping was the end of the book or at least in another place in the book because now it kind of seams like the climax already happened and i am just waisting my time.

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Rachel said...

Sheriold! good job with your blog postings! They are very detailed and organized so you can find things easily on them which is very nice and helpful! Good summary and reaction so you don't need to work on anything, keep up the great work!!