Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lucky week 4

"I myself am not a fighter. If it comes down to giving up and getting raped or dying trying, I would choose giving up."(22- Lucky)
-I found this quote interesting because I have never thought of getting raped as a choice. Later on in the book Alice talks to her dad about how he thinks you physically can't be raped without somewhat consenting. I have never thought of rape in that way. This quote answers that question easily for the reader about Alice.

"They tried to trick you. Madison has done it many times before. He gets one of his friends to stand in the lineup with him who looks exactly like him. His friend stares at the person looking at the lineup and scares them into believing he was the murdered." (127- Lucky)
-This quote was really interesting because I would think that once a person has seen there attacker they could always identify them. It seams to me that their face would be burned in my mind. It goes to show you that fear can motivate someone to do weird things.

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