Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lucky week 4 part 2

Alice's trial starts for her rape case. This first trial is to see if the case will go to a jury. Alice's case is very strong. The rapist lawyer tells the rapist to not come to the trial. This way he is able to prove to the judge that Alice is yet to see her attacker in custody and that she doesn't know for sure if they have the right man. But luckily in the end the judge decides to send the case to a grand jury.
The book then fast forwards to the lineup created to try and get Alice to identify her attacker. As Alice moves through the lineup she realizes that two of the men are almost identical. One man, number four, is starring at the floor. The other man, number five, is starring straight at Alice. Alice then decides on number 5 because he looked like he would have killed her if there was no glass between them.
Alice is later told that she chose the wrong man in the line up. She had a feeling the entire day she had chose the wrong guy. Her lawyer then comes up to her and tells her these men do this a lot. It is the defendants civil right to have a Friend stand with him in the line up and these men do this for each other every time because they are identical.
The next chapter starts off with a girl at Alice's school attempting to commit suicide. Alice goes and visits her at the hospital where the girl tells her that she was raped as a child and the poem Alice wrote brought back all of the memories. They shared a very special bond together.
Gregory Madison's pubic hairs are tested with the pubic hairs taken from Alice the night of her rape. They match perfectly on all 17 accounts.

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