Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 3 posting

Alice Sebold She grew up in Philadelphia. She then went on to college at Syracuse University, where freshman year she was brutally attacked and raped at a park on campus. After months at home she came back to Syracuse to get her bachelors degree. After graduating Syracuse University she moved to Texas, and then back to Manhattan, where she experienced a two year drug use problem with heroin.

Alice wrote a bestseller in 202 titles The Lovely Bones, and is currently writing a book which is supposed to come out this year. She currently is married and lives in Southern California.

Part 2

The section starts off with Alice looking for colleges with her parents. She talks about her parents wanted her to stay close to home, but she wanted to go far away so that seh could "re-invent herself."

Alice decides on Syracuse but for the first couple of weeks does not like it. She thinks her roomate is too perfects and doesn't make any friends. Until one night when everyone in the dorm is out partying she hears her neighbor playing music. She knocked on the door and then met Mary Alice. They then hit it off and became great friends. Alice also became good friends with two boy who were in the arts program aswell.

Then the book switches to Alices parents finally allowing her to go back to college for her second year. Her parents plan out a very detailed schedule for her to obide to for school, including making her move into a single dorm room in an all girls dorm.

Alice begins to go to her new classes including a poetry workshop with her favorite poet, Ms. Galagher. Finally Ms. Galagher helps alice to open up and write a poem about her raping. The poem really allows Alice to let go of alot of emotions she was holding in.

On Alices way back from class she sees him, the rapist. She is stunned as he walks near and says," ha, do i know you from somewhere?" Alice is so stunned she walks to her next class and tells her proffesor she needs to go to the police.

The police arrive at her dorm, where she has made a very detailed sketch of her atttacker. They then proceed to take her out in the cop car to see if her attacker is still in the area. Unfortunaley they don't find him.

Alice is then escorted to the police station. She spends a few hours looking through book sof mug shots when a police officer comes in and tells her that a police officer has identified her raper and new his name, Gregory Madison. After this they issue a warrant for his arrest adn Alice is sent home.

Alice goes about a week before getting the good news that Gregory was caught and taken into custody. She invites her teacher, Mrs. Galagher to be with her at the trial where she is supposed to testify.

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