Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sea Inside - post 2

The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were very different. The sea Inside is a movie that depicts a quadriplegic who simply can't move him limbs but can still talk and feel in his face. He request to be killed because he claims he is not living life the way he wants too. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly book was written by a man who lived with Locked in Syndrome, a disease where the patient is paralyzed except for blinking. This book is more focused on what it is like to have the disease and not at all about him wanting to die. I think that The Sea Inside was more powerful just because of the visual aspect of film. When you Ramon lying there in the bed unable to move, it makes the situation seam much more real. It also allows the watcher to understand the story better because you are not only seeing what is going on but you are hearing it as well. Of course the most obvious diffrence between the two is that one dies naturally and one man baisically commits suicide.

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