Thursday, October 25, 2007

The sea Inside - post 1

I overall thought the movie was o.k. I think it got a little long towards the end. Although I did not get to see the entire movie I think overall it was entertaining and that about it. I didn't really understand the whole requested suicide thing? If he wanted to die, why now? Why not right after the accident? I thought the movie did a poor job of explaining why he wanted to die. I think the courts decision was right because they can't bend the law for certain people. I think it was right for his Friends to help him. They were doing what he wanted, which is all that matters. It is no different than him taking his own life he was just unable to do so. You could almost compare the situation to when people become brain dead, but are kept alive by machines. Ramon's case is the same except he is able to tell people to pull the plug himself.

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