Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tenth Circle post #2 part B

Analyzing Trixie before and After the rape
Before the rape Trixie was a fun and social girl. She hung out with friends a lot, had a lot of friends, and was dating one of the most popular boys in school. "And then there was the lunch table were Trixie once belonged- the one with the popular kids."(117) Trixie was a popular girl.
Trixie and Jason then break up. Although Trixie is very sad she still has her good friend Zephyr on her side, as well as Jason's friends who directly tell Trixie that they are on her side.
Trixie now can barely look anyone in the eye. The police detective says,"Trixie please speak up, and look at me when giving your statement."(84) This shows you Trixie has lost a lot of her social skills and confidence due to the raping. Trixie also mentions that her best friend Zephyr did not call her once after people found out about the rape, a time period of over a month. Trixie also refuses to go to school for about three weeks, because she is afraid of how people will react to her. And lastly, Trixie decides to cut her hair, this is the only physical change that occurs to Trixie after the rape. This shows the reader she has changed as a person, she is no longer that happy social girl, but a sad lonely no body.

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