Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tenth circle post #2 part1

Contrition: sincere penitence or remorse
Regressed:To go back; move backward.

Figurative Language
"She got in the shower but could not rinse herself clean. She would be dirty forever."(82)
- This is a metaphor because it says that she would always be dirty. We know that she will not always be physically dirty but we can assume that the statements means she Will feel dirty for the rest of her life.
"He grabbed Laura's upper arms and shook her so hard that her head snapped back and her eyes became wide open with fear."(91)
-this is an example of irony because the beginning of the book talks about how Daniel has become a new man. He was once a very bad person who was always violent, but once he married Laura he claimed to become a new person. Now that Trixie is rapped Daniel rages at Laura and begin to act like he claimed he would never act like again.
"I tried to get away, but he's bigger than I am, and he pushed me down again. It was like a game to him. He held my hands up over my head and he pulled down my pants. I said i wanted him to stop, but he didn't and then he pushed me down hard and raped me."(79)
-This is an example of imagery because it tells the reader a detailed description of how Trixie was raped.

"I want a buzz cut."(100)
-This quote is significant because it's about when Trixie get her hair cut. She decides to drastically shave her head of long hair because of the rape. This signifies that the rape has not only made Trixie out of sorts, but has also made her become a different person.
A new emerging theme in the book if that rape changes your life. Through out this chapter you realize how Trixie is changing because of the rape, even only days after it, like the buzz cut or not hanging out with friends at all. Trixie now completely isolates herself from the social world.

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