Sunday, January 13, 2008

the tenth circle week 7 post a

catatonic (313):a syndrome seen most frequently in schizophrenia, characterized by muscular rigidity and mental stupor, sometimes alternating with great excitement and confusion.

mitochondrial (317): an organelle in the cytoplasm of cells that functions in energy production.

Figurative Language

"willies breath came out in little white clouds that floated in the air like Chinese lanterns on a string." (321) This is an example of a simile because the author compares Willies breath to Chinese lanterns.

"She thought of the ladders she cut on her arms."(321) This is an example of description because the author describes Trixie's cuts on her arm like ladders to give the reader a better mental image.

"The bitter wind beat up against their tarp and made it's loose tongue rattle like a gossip's."(323) This is an example of a simile because the word like is used to compare the tarp to a gossip.

"I will go and come back for you, Trixie and I will come back for you." (300) This is when Daniel leaves Laura in the middle of Alaska, and is a foreshadow of the fact that he brings Trixie home.
A new emerging theme is that you can only move on from the past. Trixie's ability to snuggle with Willie shows that she is moving on from the rape.

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